Chuck Epperson (President)


  • Honored by the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) with a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding contributions to protect and promote the health, welfare, and safety of the American public and our environment.

  • Honored by the State Bar of Texas for successful management of the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP).

  • Formulated business plans, drafted operating budgets, and contracts as an executive officer in a brownfields acquisition business that generated more than $2 million in profits.

  • Drafted language for three state environmental laws including the Texas VCP, Texas Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP), and the Texas Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) and regulations that initiated these programs that serve to protect public health, safety, and the environment.

  • Managed the TCEQ Voluntary Cleanup Program for seven years during which more 1,200 properties entered the program and over 300 received certificates of completion.

  • Worldwide real estate due diligence manager responsible for assessing potential risk due to environmental contamination at acquired or divested properties for a Fortune 500 company.

  • Closed more than 60 environmental projects for more than 40 private sector clients on matters regarding environmental due diligence in real estate transactions, Superfund, Corrective Action,
    • litigation support, and regulatory compliance.

    • Testified before the Texas State Legislature and to EPA headquarters regarding VCP and Superfund reform issues.

    • Drafted technical recommendations for numerous enforcement orders before state and federal environmental agencies.

    • Inspected over 50 hazardous and solid waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

    • M.S. – Biology - Texas State University (1985)

      B.S. – Biology - Texas State University (1983)

Deanna Epperson (CEO)


  • Completed analytical data trend reports, laboratory raw data sheet reviews, and TCEQ TRRP-13 Data Usability Summaries for commercial clients.

  • Wrote Quality Assurance Project Plans for more than 20 State and Federal Superfund sites   Management of Site Assessment Investigations.

  • Supervised soil and groundwater field sampling QA/QC for more than 30 contaminated property site assessments. 

Employment Summary

Independent Contractor - QA/QC Data Validation Chemist - 2002-2011

Successfully completed analytical data trend reports, laboratory raw data sheet reviews, and TCEQ TRRP-13 Data Usability Summaries for environmental consulting firms and commercial developments companies including Intera, Inc., Epperson Consulting, LLC and Brownfields Stewardship Fund.

TCEQ - QA/QC Manager - 1992-1997

Developed and managed QAPPs and QA/QC activities for State and Federal Superfund sites within the Superfund Site Discovery and Assessment Program and Preliminary Assessment Site Investigation Program.  Provided analytical expertise to the Assessment Team, coordinated with the laboratory, and provided oversight of the data validation of thousands of samples submitted for the complete analytical suite: (volatile and semivolatile) organics, RCRA metals, pesticides, and PCBs.

M.S. - Chemistry - Texas State University (1990)

B.S. - Biology - Texas State University (1984)

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